GamblerGames VIP program. Up to 25% cashback.

Status SP per month BP multiplier Cash-reward Cashback Bonuses/Tickets Cashback
Nephrite 0-25 1 4% 5%
Pearl 25.01-100 1.5 6% 7.5%
Ruby 100.01-400 2 8% 10%
Sapphire 400.01-1500 3 12% 15%
Emerald 1500.01-6000 4 16% 20%
Diamond >6000 5 20% 25%

Status Points (SP)

While playing real money games all players earn Status Points (SP), and at the end of the month every player gains a Status, based on his SP. Player earns 1 SP for every 1 USD in fee paid.

Status, earned at the end of the month, will be retained at least till the end of the next month. SP points are reset at the beginning of the month, but total number of SP is counted till the end of the year, and can be used to gain special yearly rewards. SP cannot be exchanged and aren’t valuable or accepted as a payment or cash.

Bonus points (BP)

Each time you earn Status Points, you receive one or more Bonus Points (BP). The multiplier depends on your current status.

Bonus Points are valuable – you can use them as an entry fee for tournaments and to buy bonuses and cash-rewards. BP are never reset and are available until the player spend them.


  • Bonuses
    The cost of every 1 bonus USD starts from 20 BP. There are several different bonuses available. After purchase and activation, player must earn SP to obtain cash reward to his account. Players gets each 1 USD in cash rewards after earning 5 SP. Purchased bonus must be activated during the calendar month. Otherwise the rest of the bonus will be cancelled.
  • Cash-rewards
    1 USD cash-reward costs 25 BP. Cash-rewards are added immediately after activation and are available for withdrawal.
  • Tournament tickets
    1 tournament USD costs 20 BP.