Chinese poker “Jackpot” on GamblerGames

Current Jackpot Bank: $989.03

All Chinese poker players at the cash-tables take part in drawing Jackpot, both Pineapple poker and Classic and Turbo Chinese poker.

Apart from starting investments, Jackpot Bank is constantly filled up owing to rake generated at cash-tables (the more tables are playing, the faster Jackpot grows). The rake size remains at the same level as before the offer “Jackpot in Chinese poker” was declared (there is no additional commission at Jackpot tables).

To win Jackpot, one of the players at Jackpot table within the game (not fantasyland) must make up the combination: quads or higher in Back box + quads or higher in Middle box + set in Front box. At the same time, the player’s hand mustn’t be mis-set!

Structure of Jackpot payment

General size of the prize paid depends on the limit at which Jackpot-hand has fallen:

Limit, $/unit Prize as % of Jackpot bank
0,02$ — 0,75$ 60%
1$ — 7,5$ 75%
10$ — 40$ 85%
от 50$ 100%

Undrawn balance in Jackpot bank burns out.

Jackpot prize is paid as follows:

  • 50% is paid to the player who made up Jackpot combination;
  • 20% is distributed in equal proportions among the opponents who took part in the Jackpot hand;
  • 20% is handed over to the fund of Jackpot tournament, the tickets to which can be received by:
    • players who were playing at any active Jackpot tables when the drawing occur;
    • players who took part in real money tournaments that took place when the drawing occurred;
    • top-10 players according to the amount of generated rake, within the period of Jackpot bank formation.
  • 10% is moved to the starting fund of the next Jackpot drawing