Regular (13-card) chinese poker

Other variations of Chinese poker:

Regular 13-card Chinese poker is played by two to four players. The game is played openly.
The opponents can see each others’ combinations.

Mis-set hand

The main rule is that the strength of combinations in the boxes shall diminish from back box to front, e.g., the strongest hand must be in back box, in middle – average in strength, and the weakest – in front.

Dealing rounds in Regular 13-cards Chinese poker

At the beginning of the hand all players are dealt 13 cards face down at once. Any of the cards received may be placed in any of the player’s three OFC hands. There is only one dealing round in Regular 13-cards Chinese poker.

Points structure and royalties

  • Within coupled comparison of combinations in the boxes, there are 2 points for a winning combination, minus 2 points for losing combination, minus 6 points for scoop.
  • Royalty – extra bonuses for made up combinations. They are charged in couples – added to you and deducted from your opponent (correspondingly, while playing for three or four they are multiplied by the number of the opponents – x2 or x3).
    • in back box: Straight – 2, Flash – 4, Full House – 6, Quads (four of a kind) – 8, Straight-flash – 10, Royal-flash – 15;
    • in middle box: the same as at back box multiplied by two, also bonus for a Set – two points;
    • in front box: pairs: 66 – 1, 77 – 2, 88 – 3, … АА – 9; sets: 222 – 10, 333 – 11, 444 – 12, … ААА – 22.

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